What Matters To Us

It's all in the name...

The name DeMoo was inspired by two of the brand’s central concepts: Denim (De), and our original cow-print patterns (Moo). Growing up in the countryside, we were inspired by the animals and plants around us and so decided that cow-print would take centre stage in our original designs. Our jeans are named after flora and fauna that permeate our natural world.

How are DeMoo products made? What materials do we use in our products? Who makes them? What’s in our packaging? DeMoo’s transparency boils down to five or so questions...


Our supply chain is admittedly small, however, our supplier, sewer and founding team are all female. 


DeMoo Jeans are sourced from second-hand suppliers across the UK and up-cycled in South-West London. We have a UK based supplier who we work with to procure the ribbon trims for our headbands and jeans. The products are hand-sewn by our sewer and we meet her on a weekly basis to transport the items back to DeMoo HQ. Each material, from our product labels, to our elastic, comes from small suppliers within the UK. 


DeMoo products are packaged in recyclable or recycled materials. As far as possible we only use paper and cardboard to minimise the environmental impact of our packaging. 


Our Sustainability Pledge:

As a small business, we strive to be as sustainable in our behaviour as we possibly can. From the people we employ to the materials and packaging we use. 

We produce our items in limited quantities in South-West London and sell directly to our customers to ensure minimal impact on the planet and its people. As a result, our collections are constantly changing, depending on what materials we have access to.

We are dedicated to empowering women by providing unbiased, equal employment. We are an all-female team, and pay our supplier and sewer above the London Living Wage.

We know we still have a long way to go, but we hope that DeMoo’s culture and sustainable behaviour makes a positive contribution to the environment, and encourages our customers to embody this way of life.