Up-cycled, hand finished jeans

Each and every pair of DeMoo jeans has been carefully sourced in the UK from second-hand suppliers. Rather than letting this denim go to landfill, we give our jeans a new lease of life by lovingly up-cycling them. We strive to cater for every beautiful body shape and size, and as a result of our sourcing model our collection is constantly changing, in terms of style and sizes. There's something for everyone!

Sourced in the UK. Up-cycled in London.

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Headbands for all occasions

Whether you're looking to add some pizzaz to your wardrobe, heading straight from the office to dinner, or perhaps you're searching for a gift for the person that 'has everything.' Our extensive headband collection has something for everyone. 

From funky and vibrant, to sophisticated and subtle. Take a browse through our collection:

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    Bright pink velvet headbandANASTASIA

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    ANITAbright green and gold headband

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    Blue and black headbandANNABEL