Meet The Founders

About DeMoo

DeMoo was founded in March 2018 by Jess Patel, Sassie Patel & India Taylor-Smith whilst in their first year at Durham University.

DeMoo Jeans takes a firm stance against fast fashion, up-cycling unwanted denim into unique pieces and using the off-cuts to turn into headbands.

It was during a charity shopping trip to Newcastle that the girls noticed the high volume of designer denim sitting in charity shops and ending up in landfill if un-sold. Coming back from the trip with several pairs, they decided to experiment in their University halls with fabrics and patches...and DeMoo was born!

Since then, DeMoo has featured in 30 UK fashion shows across the UK, successfully run two Brand Ambassador programmes and most recently won The London Runway Magazine's Sustainable Designer of the Year Award 2021.

All three girls run DeMoo Jeans alongside their full-time jobs so we are always on the lookout for talented & creative individuals who might be able to lend a helping hand. If you are interested in reaching out, please send us an email at

Jess, Sassie & India would like to extend their thanks to everyone who has supported DeMoo Jeans. As they continue to grow, they are excited to bring you along on their journey.