Our Story

After starting at Durham University in 2017, twins Jess and Sassie Patel met best pal, and soon to be business partner, India Taylor-Smith. All three girls were always interested in the arts and fashion, and decided to channel their creative energy into a fashion brand. And so, six months into freshers, DeMoo Jeans was born.

DeMoo takes a firm stance against fast fashion, only using second-hand, pre-loved jeans for up-cycling into unique hand-finished pieces. By offering an endless stream of jean styles and sizes, DeMoo strives to cater for every beautiful body shape and size. 

Our headband collection is made up of a unique range of embellished ribbons and off-cuts of trims we use for our up-cycled jeans.

Since 2018, DeMoo has featured in over 30 charity fashion shows across the UK, run two successful years of Brand Ambassador Programmes and won London Runway Magazine's Sustainable Designer of the Year 2021.

"We are a brand led by women, and we want to empower the DeMoo herd to dress and express themselves in a sustainable, affordable way."

So come and join our herd and help us in our journey to start a DeMoo-vement in the fashion world!